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Welcome to 1Shot Creations!

1Shot Creations is dedicated in creating professional, cutting edge videos for your audience/clients to grow your brand and tell you story. 

Our experienced, dedicated team will take a journey in your shoes to translate your vision into a professional, compelling video that delivers results.  

A diverse creative team with unique talents and great vision in video coverage such as Event Production, Real Estate, Weddings, Commercials and more!

1Shot Creations is committed in being creative and pushing the envelope when it comes to content creation. 


We value our relationships with our clients and their organizations.

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Our Services

Commercial Advertising

Promote a product, service, or brand to a large audience in order to generate awareness and drive sales.

Real Estate

Creating high-quality video content that showcases properties for sale or rent, and promoting these videos to potential buyers or renters through various channels, such as social media, online marketplaces, or real estate websites.

Special Events/Weddings

Video services for weddings or special events involve capturing and editing footage of the event to create a polished, professionally produced video that can be shared with friends and family or used to promote the event planning business.

Music Videos

Social Media Content

Producing a visual representation of a song or piece of music, often with the artist performing, and promoting it through various channels, such as social media, music streaming platforms, and music video channels.

Capturing and creating content for your social channel helping you promote your business or brand. 

Drone Media

Capture aerial footage or photos of events, landscapes, or structures for media and marketing purposes.

Our Process



This is where we figure out the puzzle pieces and put it together. Asking the right question to understand your story, message, and goals. Building that relationship and foundation to establish trust and credibility to bring your vision to life. 





After we have collaborated our team will get the planning process started. From script writing, storyboarding, to film permits and equipment requirements. After your approval we will have the best plan to action to accomplish your vision. 

Shoot day! Now we put the plan to action. With a well organized plan and shot-list we will capture all the content needed to create your story.



It's time to put the video together. After we have captured all the content that we needed we will get right to the editing process and putting the video. After completion the video will be submitted to you for review and any revision will be done at this time. After approval your video will be submitted to you and ready to be post.


Thanks for submitting. We will be in touch soon.

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