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Katelyn Corum

Video Producer

Katelyn is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama, where she earned her degree in Telecommunications and Film in 2017. With a passion for visual storytelling, Katelyn has cultivated a diverse skill set in the media industry, showcasing her talents in various aspects of the media world including directing, editing, photography, and videography. Katelyn's educational foundation laid the groundwork for her success. In 2017, Katelyn achieved Dean's List recognition at the University of Alabama while actively pursuing her film degree. Eager to apply her skills in real-world settings, she embarked on a professional journey that has taken her to esteemed organizations such as SEC Network and ABC where she has worked as a camera operator for sports. These experiences have not only enriched her technical proficiency, but have also provided her with a profound understanding of the complexities of the media landscape. Katelyn has demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a unique ability to bring stories to life on screen; her projects reflect a blend of creativity and technical finesse, capturing the essence of each narrative with precision. Katelyn's lens has captured compelling moments throughout her career, showcasing her ability to evoke emotion and tell stories through captivating visuals. Katelyn is honored to be a new member of the One Shot Creations team; a team that not only fosters great teamwork but actively builds each other up as creators.

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