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Special Events/Weddings

Whether you're hosting a Special Event or tying the knot at your Wedding, 1Shot Creations will capture those memories that will last forever. Story driven where you or your audience can always go back and re-live the moment.

Adam and Madison Stiles Wedding

Real Estate

Have a new home on the market that needs advertising? We will create an engaging and compelling video highlighting unique features and creating a vivid picture of what it is like living in the home and neighborhood.

454 Beach Bike Way Seacrest Florida

Commercial Advertising

Great Advertising can grow your business and establish your brand. 1Shot Creations has the imagination, expertise, and business mind-set to revolutionize your ideas into creative ads.

Getting to know Hurd Real Estate & Company

Drone Media

Drone Videography is a growing trend in todays market. The unique birds-eye view can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Whether it's Location Scouting, Event Coverage, or Marketing Strategies 1Shot Creations covers it all. Our teammates are Part 107 Certified per FAA Regulation.

Music Videos

Creating music videos is fairly new with 1Shot Creations. Due to high demands we have recently just added this to our services. Creating high production videos with your music aiming to capture your vision with the song. We also have to of creatives to help with ideas for your video. 

Social Media Content

Needing content for social media. From reels to highlight video's to even custom graphics for social we cover all of that giving your brand or business a professional look. Keep your audience engaged on upcoming deals or events. 

Have a unique request? We have a diverse team of creatives when it comes to video content. Feel free to reach out to us with your project and see if we can create that content for you!

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